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CVHS Speech Team has been activated.
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And the winners are . . .
CONGRATULATIONS to the 2016-17 officers for the Citrus Valley Blackhawk Forensics Team:

President – Lindsay Neighbors
Vice-President – Lena Nguyen
Treasurer – Emily Fu
Secretary – Ashley Samaan
Historian – Madeline Thomson
Student Rep. to Judge Coordinator – Silviu Andronescu

NOMINATIONS! officer nominations are in . . .
Nominations are now closed and here are the students running for these positions:

Lindsay Neighbors

Vice President
Lena Nguyen

Emily Fu

Esther Esho

Yousra Shehub
Ashley Samaan

Madeline Thomson

Student Rep. for Judge Coordination
Silviu Andronescu

Hailey Li

Voting will occur during class on Friday 05/20/16 (if you are a member outside of the class, vote during lunch in my room). NO SENIORS MAY VOTE. Only active members who are returning next year may vote.

Speech and Debate Team Elections!
Here ye, here ye!

Let all within sounding of this proclamation know that, on the 19th day of May - the Speech and Debate Team will hold its elections during the class period. Members, in good standing and who have been accepted back to the team next year, may vote during class or after school.

Those wishing to run this year must declare their candidacy by 05/16/16 after school.

Positions up for election:
Vice President
*Student Coordinator for Judges

* New positions (defined over summer)

Students may not hold more than one position on the Speech and Debate Executive Board. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, if you run for and win a position you commit to all dates of training, preparation, and signify speech comes first.

Speech Class Final project
This is due by May 27, 2016 in digital format (the speech itself). We will be doing presentations the following week in randomly determined order. The digital copy is DUE to my gmail by 05/27/16. NO EXCEPTIONS.

The assignment description and rubric are below in the files.
Rotary Rules
Rotary Rules and Guidelines:
The theme may be about anything, but must show practical application of the Rotary Four-Way Test.
It must be between five and eight minutes long.

At this level, notes are allowed; at the next, an index card is allowed; from there, nothing.
No props are allowed.
There are cash prizes for the winners, and we sponsor one person to compete at the district level, and the state level if applicable.

The Rotary Four-Way Test:
Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and better friendships?
Is it Beneficial to all concerned?
Last call for anyone wishing to participate in the Rotary speech constests this year:

The Annual Rotary AM and NOON speech competitions are coming up. I can take 1-2 students to each competition. The dates are:
Rotary Noon Competition - MARCH 10th, 2016 at 12:00 PM (1 slot open)
Rotary Morning Competition - MARCH 30th at 7:00 AM (2 slots open)

Speak with Mr. Curran ASAP if you are interested.
Schurr and Bruschke Tournaments ADDED!
The Schurr Aloha Hawaiian Classic April 2-3, 2016 and the Bruschke Invitational at CSU Fullerton on April 30-May 1 are now added to our schedule! Mrs. Bruce graciously approved them and we are set to compete for the first time at Schurr and return to Bruschke.


Schurr is all IE on Saturday 4/2/16 and all Debate/Congress on Sunday 4/3/16. Entries range from $10-15 per entry. THIS IS NOT AN OVERNIGHT TOURNAMENT.

Bruschke is our last official tournament for 2015-16. Enties are low cost and will be published as soon as the invite is released. THIS IS A TEAM OVERNIGHT TRIP. PORTION OF HOTEL COST WILL BE REQUIRED TO ATTEND.

Attendance at either tournament requires meeting minimum dates and expectations of attendance. NO ONE failing ANY class will be allowed to attend either tournament.

Thank Mrs. Bruce and your team captains/officers for getting this added to our schedule.
State Debate and IE sign ups! NOW LIVE!
Clement Middle School Speech Tournament 02/20/16
I need volunteers (you will get service hours) to help coach and judge for middle schoolers for the Clement MS speech tournament on Saturday February 20. 2016.

In preparation, the dates and times for coaching assistance are Thursdays from 3:15-4:30:
1/21, 2/4, 2/11, and 2/18.

Contact Coach Frey if you wish to participate in this wonderful event and show our CLASS.

Rotary AM and NOON Speech Competitions
The Annual Rotary AM and NOON speech competitions are coming up. I can take 1-2 students to each competition. The dates are:
Rotary Noon Competition - MARCH 10th, 2016 at 12:00 PM
Rotary Morning Competition - MARCH 30th at 7:00 AM

There are specific rules and format for this competition, which I will upload below as soon as I receive them. Please contact me before February 1, 2016 if you intend to apply to compete.
The Sign-Up Genius' are up for final IE and TEAMED tourneys before quals are up; State Congress Quals. Interest sign up also open:
1/23/16 Redlands HS League IE-
1/30/16 State Congress Quals Interest List -
2/6/16 Yucaipa HS Teamed Debate ONLY -
Wolfpack registration fees:
Bring to practice before Wolfpack:
Speech Class Final
For your final, you will be divided into teams and you will must conduct a period of research (using provided resources) for a period of time and engage in a large class discussion (following Socratic Seminar style rules) on the topic.

If you are not familiar with Socratic Seminar rules, these are the basics:
1. THERE IS NO CROSS-TALK, period. If you are not the one speaking, you are not talking to anyone for any reason.
2. You must respect the security and validity of other's comments. THIS MEANS NO PERSONAL ATTACKS.
3. THERE IS NO INTERRUPTING. There is also no raising hands to ask for permission to speak. You simply take turns respectfully, making sure you are not dominating the conversation (a coach may tap you out if you do - meaning you can no longer comment).
4. Use support in the form of credible sources, logic, or personal experience - but be wary of the latter as it can lead to isolated experience or generalizations drawn from the individual to the whole.
5. Everyone must contribute to the research and discussion. Coaches will be traveling the room watching and observing the entire time.
6. There is no questioning placement on team or topic. Instructions will be given once and you will not be reminded if you violate them.
Oratorical Speech Contest 2016
It’s time again for the annual Redlands Optimist Oratorical Contest, which will be held on FEBRUARY 18, 2016 AT 12:15 PM – 1:30 PM at the Redlands Elks’ Lodge located at 663 New York St., Redlands, CA 92373. We’re seeking students to participate in the contest.

The contest is open to any student under the age of 19 who has not yet graduated from high school or the equivalent and who is educated in the United States, Canada or the Caribbean. An application form with rules are attached. I would also recommend that contestants or their parents go the Optimist International website ( if you would like further information.

The topic this year is “How My Best Brings Out the Best in Others.” Contestants are to provide prepared orations on the assigned topic of a duration between 4 to 5 minutes. Per rule 6: Contestants going over or under the required time duration will not be cautioned. Students should practice to make sure their speeches fall within the time requirement. The are other rules particular to this contest, such as no self identification, no use of props, and the need to announce the assigned topic to start the timing of the speech. Please make sure to review the rules as part of their preparation.

We will award cash prizes. The first place finishers will be qualified to compete at the next level of competition and may ultimately qualify for further scholarships. We separate the contest by gender so that we can advance two – one male and one female.

The application and information sheet is posted below.

The application and speech script are due 2/1/15 to Mr. Curran for CVHS students wishing to participate.
Wolfpack 01/09/16 to 01/10/16
I have created a signup genius page for the Wolfpack Tournament which is January 9-10, 2016 at:
American Legion Oratorical Contest 11/15/15
Oratorical Contest – sponsored by the American Legion Post 106. 1st prize $500, 2nd prize $300 and 3rd prize $200. Winner moves on the District contest, then Area Contest, State, on to National, with a cumulative in the range of $20,000 in winnings. The oration must be on some aspect of the Constitution, with emphasis on a citizen’s duties and obligations to our government. The contest will be at the American Legion Post 106 in Redlands on Sunday, Nov. 15th at 11:30. For specifics on the contest please go to Oratorical Contest/American Legion or see Mr. Barba in the Counseling office.
11/14 IE, 12/5 Teamed/Congress, and 12/11-12 Cypress Sign Ups
Signup Genius now has the following three tournaments, follow links to sign up. WE NEED JUDGES!

1. Claremont HS League IE/LD 11/14

2. Cajon HS League Teamed Debate/Congress 12/5

3. Cypress College Invitational READ INVITATION BELOW 12/11-12/12

Halloween Tournament at RHS signups
The following people are signed up for the 10/31/15 Halloween Tournament at Redlands HS:
Novice Congress
Prashanth Mohan
Jared Howard
Dorian Neighbors
Kirlus Moawad
Yousra Shehub

Open Congress
Mathew Petty
Madeline Thomson
Julian Clemmons
Robert Lee
Loren Bassil

Open Parliamentary
Emily Fu & Miranda Thomson
Lindsay Neighbors & Lena Nguyen
Daniel Gutierrez & Silviu Andronescu
10/31/15 league teamed/Congress tournament
Registration is now open for the Halloween tournament at Redlands HS. Use this link:
Claremont Bargain Belt Tournament Registrants
The following people have signed up for the Bargain Belt Tournament:
Entries: Citrus Valley High School
Mathew Petty Congress/Imp $16
Kirlus Moawad Congress $8
Prashanth Mohan Congress $8
Emily Fu Extemp/LD $23
Lindsay Neighbors Extemporaneous/LD $23
Miranda Thomson LD $15
Esther Esho LD $15
Robert Lee LD $15
Dorian Neighbors LD $15
Lena Nguyen Original Prose & Poetry/ Parli Samaan $18
Silviu Andronescu & Daniel Gutierrez Parli $20 ($10 each)
Ashley Samaan Persuasive (OO/OA)/Parli Nguyen $18
Madeline Thomson Thematic Interpretation $8

Amounts due need to be paid as soon as possible to the Finance Office. Final day to pay or drop is 10/19/15.
Fullerton Debaters
Fee Announcement (entry fee due now, judge fee in cash day of):
NAME DATE Entry Fee Judge Fee
Miranda Thomson 10/16/2015 $45.00 13
Emily Fu 10/16/2015 $45.00 13
Lindsay Neighbors 10/16/2015 $45.00 13
Robert Lee 10/16/2015 $45.00 13
Silviu Andronescu 10/16/2015 $35.00 13
Daniel Gutierrez 10/16/2015 $35.00 13
Lena Nguyen 10/16/2015 $35.00 13
Ashley Samaan 10/16/2015 $35.00 13
$320.00 $104.00
New LD and PUFO topics were announced for November - December 2015:
2015 November/December LD Topic
Resolved: In the United States criminal justice system, jury nullification ought to be used in the face of perceived injustice.
2015 November PF Topic Area: Migrant and Refugee Crises
Resolved: In response to the current crisis, a government should prioritize the humanitarian needs of refugees over its national interests
Claremont Bargain Belt Tournament is MOVED!
The date for the Bargain Belt Invitational is moved up to October 24, 2015. I have opened a Sign Up Genius for this at:

Check invitation below for details on costs, events, and other things (in the Invitational Tournament Information folder)

Sign ups are due as soon as possible and payments are due by October 12, 2015 to the finance office.
CSU Fullerton Invitational SIGN UP GENIUS OPEN
Permission to attend required from Mr. Curran before you sign up. This is a first come, first served basis - there are 8 LD and 2 Parliamentary spots for OPEN Varsity competitors only 10/16/15 through 10/17/15. We need 2 LD and 1 Parli judge for both days. This is not an overnight stay tournament. There is one van that can transport up to 7 competitors for Friday 10/16/15. You must be in good standing with all classes and carry no "F" 's to attend. Payment due by 10/5/15 to Finance Office.

Costs, preliminary schedule, and other information in the Invitation below: check invitational folder and open the CSUF document.

Sign Up Link:

Team Fee - $30 split by all competitors
LD Fee - $40 per competitor
Parli Fee - $60 per team
Redlands Conservancy Speech Competition Packet
Just sent to me from are The Redlands Conservancy Speech Competition Packet with entry form and a separate file with judging instructions, located below in the folder titled Redlands Conservancy Competition.

Also, the speeches must be between 3-5 minutes ONLY. No need to memorize for October 6th, but all other levels require memorization.

email contact on form for more inforamtion.
Yucaipa 10/3/15 IE and LD
Sign up genius is now open for Yucaipa IE and LD sign ups.

We need more judges, only one signed up so far.
CSU Fullerton Invitational
CSU Fullerton is now a debate event only tournament. There will be no Individual Event or Congress entries allowed. The dates will be 10-16-15 through 10-17-15. It is still a meet-at and no overnight stay unless with parent.
Things we need for the 09/19/15 tournament

This is the list of items we will need, at a minimum, for our tournament. Items on the left will be sold and we will make profit. Items on the right will be given to judges and are a loss.

Does anyone have large coffee urns?
Sign ups for CVHS Team Debate and Congress LIVE now
The sign ups for our tournament on 09/19/15 are live now at:

We will go over this in class 08/27/15
Daily Facts article about Nationals
A local reporter put a quick story together regarding our fundraising efforts toward nationals. She didn't have time to contact everyone, but she gets the gist of what we are trying to accomplish and we thank her.

Feel free to forward this link to anyone you think might be interested in donating to the team for this year or future years.
Congratulations to the 2014-15 Blackhawk Forensics Executive Board
Please join me in congratulating your incoming 2015-16 Blackhawk Forensics Executive Board:
President - Miranda Thomson
Vice President - Lindsay Neighbors
Treasurer - Emily Fu
Secretary - Lena Nguyen

Looking forward to a great year in 2015-16. Congratulations!
2015-16 Speech, Debate, and Mock Trial Applications Up Now
The Applications for next year's competitive Speech and Debate and Mock Trial teams are now available below under the folder "Speech Documents". Please read all documents in the folder, print the application completely filled out, and return to me as soon as possible.

All new or returning students MUST FILL OUT AN APPLICATION.

If you are signing up for Mock Trial YOU MUST BE ENROLLED IN THE 6TH PERIOD YEAR-LONG ELECTIVE CLASS next year.

I will cut off applications sometimes toward end of March. If you fail to turn in an application, you may be removed from team.
Speech Patterning for League Quals
Pattern A Events
LD - Lincoln-Douglas Debate
HI - Humorous Interpretation
IMP - Impromptu Speaking
OO - Original Oratory
OPP - Original Prose/Poetry
TI - Thematic Interpretation

Pattern B Events
DI - Dramatic Interpretation
DUO - Duo Interpretation
EXP - Expository Speaking
Extemp - Extemporaneous Speaking
OA - Original Advocacy
OI - Oratorical Interpretation
So you say you want an interp? Well I say that's wonderful, start here:

We really need to beef up our interp presence at quals and league tournies. Start with a "for sure" approved Nat Quals script by checking these links. Then see me with your cut and we will move forward.
How to start and end a Congress Speech
Congress speeches may be begun and ended in many ways. If you want to use the following suggestions, that is awesome.
The generic way to begin a congress speech is:
"Good morning/afternoon/evening fellow senators, I rise today in the strictest proponency/oponency to this resolution/bill for the following reasons:"
- a / indicates where you would select the appropriate: time of day, stance you are taking, and whether the item under discussion is a resolution or a bill.
The generic way to end a congress speech is:
"Thank you. I now stand open for cross-examination and points of clarification."
Again, these are provided as general ways to open and close your speech. You do not HAVE to use them.
On Independent Registration requests
After much thoughtful deliberation I have decided that Independent Registration for invitational tournaments will not be allowed for the speech and debate team. This decision is final.
How to ADD yourself to the Fusion Page
On the top right side of the announcements section, click "Join this Fusion Page".  It will make you login and then click ok.  After that either it will confirm request or you may have to click "Join this fusion page" again.  I receive those notifications once per 24 hour period and then confirm them.  Easy as pie! Well, pie is kind of difficult, both mathematical and scratch pie.  So, easy as um toast?
Discussion Topics
Cover sheets for scripted State Quals IE categories. DUE BACK BY FEBRUARY 15th, 2014
 Congress Bills
Resolutions and Bills for upcoming Congress Events
 Invitational Tournament Information
Find invites for non-league tournaments that we will be attending this year: Bargain Belt, Wolfpack, Cypress, Stanford (by coach invitation only), and Bruschke.
 Mock Trial
All Mock Trial information for 2015-16 goes here until New Fusion Page setup
 Redlands Conservancy Speech Competition
Packet with application
Judging instructions
 Speech Documents
This folder contains all documents relating to the Blackhawk Forensics Team, including applications, explanations, and class expectations for new returning team members and parents.
 CBSR 2015-2016 calendar.doc
Calendar of Events for 2015-16 Speech and Debate. SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.
 dress code for tournaments.docx
Dress code and guidelines for tournaments
 Final Speech Project 2016.doc
Final Speech Project
All, please open this file and follow instructions to add yourself to the Remind service I utilize for distributing information. You may add yourself by:
1) Downloading the remind app for iPhone or Android and then entering class code found on attached file
2) Text the number found in the attached file with the message it shows
3) or you may use the link on the attached file, type it into your browser, and then either setup for text messages or email messages from me
Template to create a resolution.
Document outlining format and instructions for research and discussion portions of Speech and Debate SEM 1 final
+ Biggerstaff, Connor
+ Coach, Gmail
+ Curran, Geoffrey
Click on name to see details.

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